Friday, November 18, 2011

Corrections, Bagels and the Future of Amerika

An early morning stop at a bagel shop near my work brought such delight recently.  And not just for the good grains bagel, toasted with cream cheese.

For I have been known to be curmudgeonly, particularly around poor grammar, and these corrections pleased me no end.  This note, pictured here, had been taped onto the cash register at the bagel store. Someone in management clearly lacked either a good education or at least a good editor – two essentials in life as far as I’m concerned – and I was happy to see these correction marks.  My hope is that a customer, perhaps curmudgeonly like myself, someone waiting to pay, had whipped out a pen and set management straight.

I have been known to get irked, driving through town, when seeing signs at Kwik Kopy Printing and the Dun Rite Construction Company.  In college, I once went door to door in a misguided attempt to make money for both myself and Kleeneze Cleaning Supplies.  There’s a Kwik Kar Lube not far from my house that I boycott on principal.

Noble yet erroneous attempts to spell necessary or definitely can be forgiven.  I am not a fan of lite beer or saying good nite.  When texting first came on the scene a few years ago, I knew I would eventually succumb.  I swore I would take no shortcuts.  Alas, I kid u not, I have to admit I have. 

Yet a curmudgeon I do not want to be.  I prefer to be amused.  So, to bring a smile to your day, I offer the following photos of protestors, deeply concerned about the future of America.  

We should all begin to worry, deeply.

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